Benefits of plants for weight loss

We live in a heavily polluted environment, and what we cannot see will hurt us. Even if we try to live a healthy life, radioactivity, water, air pollutants, chemicals, and fats are hidden in our food, which bombards us. Detox herbs help create a healthy environment for healthy weight management.
Plants naturally purify and detoxify the mind and body. It helps neutralize metabolic waste, purify the blood, cleanse, and form tissues in the body. Because of these positive effects, herbs and spices (especially juices) are particularly effective in helping people lose unnecessary weight and reach their ideal weight.
Often overlooked in weight loss programs, detoxification is critical to the success of the program. This chapter combines ancient Chinese herbal medicine and Western detox recipes to provide powerful detox and cleansing procedures. Purifying the herbal body helps to safely release the toxins released from the body.
Historically, Asian herbs such as Glucomannan, Campanulaceae, Nepeta, Chi mites, Tang Kwai and Peony have been used to reduce water retention, improve water metabolism (cleansing), prevent cholesterol absorption, and eliminate through the skin, digestive system and feces toxin. This system can normalize the skin and basic tissues, promote healthy secretion, and promote fat metabolism (burn fat).
Glucomannan: This is a calorie-free, high-fiber herbal medicine taken from the root of the konjac plant. It has been used as food in Asia for more than a thousand years. The pectin-type powder is usually taken in capsule form. Its value in the weight management program translates into the consistency of the gel required for wetting. The weight of liquid absorbed by glucomannan is 50 times its weight, which makes people who eat it feel full. Glucomannan helps absorb toxins produced during digestion and then eliminate them before they enter the bloodstream.
Note: Diabetics may need to reduce the dose of drugs because glucomannan can improve blood sugar control.
Glucomannan can be effectively used for:
Clean digestive system
lose weight
reduce cholesterol
Reduce glucose
Gut health
Easy to absorb organic minerals in herbs and spices, especially calcium, silicon, and potassium, helps restore the balance of minerals and biochemistry in cells and tissues. An imbalance of minerals can cause hypoxia, which can lead to disease and premature cell aging.
Herbs and spices are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, natural sugar, and trace elements. (In squeezing juice, about 100% of the essential nutrients are absorbed directly into the blood without causing stress on the digestive system.)
It is extremely important for fresh herbs to normalize the acid-base balance in tissues and blood by providing excess alkaline substances. This is important because acidity is an important factor in the development of the disease and is present in most cases of poor health.
From a therapeutic point of view, it is also important to use herbs and vegetables of different colors-red, green, yellow, and even blue. These affect the digestion and absorption processes with various shades and intensities, participate in the metabolism of protein and cholesterol, and increase the production of red blood cells.