How to find excellent tea for weight loss

When I look at the loose tea, I look for freshness and the ability to soak the leaves several times. These are my criteria:
1. Smell: does it smell fresh? Or the nose of the nose? If there is not much odor, you can also assume that the taste is exhausted.
2. Look: If you can see the tea leaves, look deeper and ask yourself: "Does it look fresh? Does it look dry or old?" If flavors are added, how are they added? For example, if there is green pineapple tea, are there pineapple chunks, or do they add pineapple flavor? Dried fruits mean more care in the mix and may also indicate that the tea is of better quality. But I have a lot of clients who prefer flavors to real fruit, so it's really a matter of taste. If you are in a tea shop, always ask for a sample before buying any quantity of tea. If you order online, please buy a small quantity for your first order, especially if you have never used it
Provider before.
3. Buy tea bags: There are several types of tea bags available. Some tea makers put tea leaves in silk or nylon bags. We do some at the tea doctor. One is supposed to be used as a goblet and can be used for one or two earrings. Most commercial bags are made of paper and are for single use only. Read the labels on the tea bag boxes to find out what you are getting. I recently saw two boxes in a grocery store with very similar names. One was called Tiger Spice and the other was Bengal Mix. They all had pictures of tigers in the box. However, one was real tea and the other was not. It is written on the Tiger Spice ingredient label, "Black Tea, Cinnamon, Ginger, Roasted Dandelion" and many other flavors. He told me that black tea was the main ingredient. The ingredients included in the second box, the Bengal mix, are "cinnamon, roasted dandelion root, roasted carob, ginger" and many other flavors. After reading this poster, I knew it was a mixture of herbs (Ticino) and not tea.
4. It is time to also try and see what works best for you. Find a local café and discover its products. Or, go online and start a conversation with the tea vendor. Remember that if you don't have time to answer questions about your products, you may not take the time to make good tea.
How to prepare it:
If you want to make a big old pitcher for the family or for a week, you will need two big pitchers, like the bowl you usually make spaghetti in. In the first container, boil the water; Take it off the stove. Cover the bottom of the second bowl of loose tea (or place several tea bags, depending on the strength of the tea). Pour hot water into the second container (containing tea) and soak for 2-3 minutes.
Put a soft strainer in the first large skillet (now empty) and pour the liquid tea into it. Let the tea cool, then pour it into your favorite jar or jar. You have iced tea. Pour it on ice or put it in the fridge for later retrieval.